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Heritage Financial Partners

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Our firm was established 25 years ago and we have spent the past two decades perfecting our process of working with clients. We build long-term, multigenerational relationships while acting as a fiduciary for our clients and their families.

While we work with a wide range of clients and are passionate about serving anyone serious about retirement planning, we have specialized skills to help professionals with pensions whether in the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS), a federal pension or company pension.

Retirement is inevitable; a comfortable retirement takes planning.

We’re known for our proactive risk management style of investing, but some of the biggest impacts we’ve made for clients has been in other aspects of their lives. Paying too much in taxes, heirs inheriting less than they might have, not being protected from the ravages of long-term care costs and other mistakes can devastate your savings as much as, or more than, poor investment returns.