The Bucket Plan®

How to Simplify Retirement Success


When planning for retirement, maneuvering through market volatility, taxes, inflation and increasing life expectancies can present a real challenge.

If you invest too conservatively, you might run the risk of losing purchasing power to inflation. But if you invest too aggressively, you could expose yourself to a significant financial loss. Both scenarios can result in you running the risk of running out of money in retirement.

To address these challenges, we use a planning philosophy and tool known as The Bucket Plan® Best Interest Process, a three-bucket approach to segmenting your assets in the order you will need them, taking into account your income needs, time horizon and tax qualifications. Doug Gjerde, Managing Partner & Wealth Advisor, Heritage Financial Partners wrote the foreword to this best-selling book.

The Bucket Plan® helps you plan for some of the greatest retirement dangers, including:


  • Market Risk
  • Interest Rate Risk
  • Sequence of Returns Risk


Useful for clients of any age, The Bucket Plan® helps structure assets to provide reliable income throughout retirement.

For retirees, it can help protect against health care expenses eroding your net worth. For younger clients, The Bucket Plan® helps navigate the challenges of saving for short-, intermediate- and long-term financial goals…all while encouraging tax diversification and putting a plan for life’s “what if” in place.


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